HÖRL – where environmentalism is taken seriously

Continuous improvement processes and innovation projects help to conserve resources and to strengthen the sustainability.

The whole company is heated using energy from heat recovery systems, for example. For cooling and air conditioning we use well water. Up to 30% of our demand for electricity*) is generated in our own photovoltaic system, in this way we reduce the consumption of resources and minimize CO2 emissions.

Recycling plastic waste, using reusable packaging and efficient transport logistics go without saying in our company. Resource-sparing handling of raw materials as well as minimizing waste for ecologic and economic reasons is of vital importance to us.

We are aware of our responsibility and will do everything to conserve an intact living environment for our children.

The occupational health and safety of our employees also plays an important role in our company. HÖRL has a comprehensive and certified occupational health and safety management system and is regularly audited by the employers' liability insurance association for raw materials and the chemical industry.