HÖRL – where quality is alive

Hörl Kunststofftechnik specializes in precision in plastics and supplies international customers from the automotive, electrical and communications industries. We plan injection molding tools for our customers and produce top-quality plastic components.

We are among the best companies in the industry. The basis for the success is that the customer's requirements for quality, reliability, speed and price are properly understood and translated into superior products with inventive genius, personal dedication, economic judgment and technical expertise.

Quality is a central concern of the company management. Her main focuses are:

1. Customer satisfaction
Being able to offer satisfactory products and services means understanding the customer in his business situation and meeting his expectations precisely.
The quality requirements of customers are mandatory for quality management.
The own standards should exceed the customer expectations if possible.
Every individual employee is committed to the pursuit of customer-oriented quality.
This also applies to our trainees, whom we attach special importance to as carriers of future skills.

2. Process-oriented management
Aware that every service provided is the result of a process, the collection, standardization and control of processes is of the highest order. Internationally valid standards are taken into account and adhered to. Knowledge and implementation of the respective process steps, as well as the continuous updating and improvement of their documentation, are part of the quality responsibility of each individual employee. Getting every process step right from the start is the prerequisite for ensuring that satisfactory quality is achieved on schedule and economically.

3. Error prevention and continuous improvement
Prevention of errors has priority over control and error elimination.
The proven methods for preventive quality assurance are consistently applied at Hörl Kunststofftechnik from the product design stage. The dialogue with the customer in the development phase is particularly important for the avoidance of errors. The continuous improvement of the products and services and the necessary processes requires constant observation of the markets, industry standards, legal regulations and technologies. Hörl Kunststofftechnik creates the prerequisites for this through technical means and through information, training and motivation of its employees.

4. Comprehensive quality management
Comprehensive quality management ensures that errors are systematically identified and analyzed and that their causes are remedied immediately. Suppliers make a significant contribution to the quality of the products. They are supported by Hörl Kunststofftechnik in the development of their quality management system and in the optimization of their processes in terms of efficiency, reliability and on-time delivery, with the aim of realizing the intrinsically high requirements also for subcontracting.


Quality strategy

Quality means safety
Our goal is to provide maximum benefit to our customers with minimal risk. Quality requires responsibilityOur QM system is constantly checked for compliance and effectiveness.
Quality management is responsible for the planning, verification, updating and further development of the quality system.
This forms the basis for the further development and assurance of our quality.

The implementation of our quality policy in the areas

Product quality
The goal is the constant analysis of our detected errors and initiation of improvement measures.

Employee quality
The aim is to improve the qualification of our employees

We want to achieve this by:

  • Determination of training needs by analyzing the qualification matrix and the task matrix
  • Monitoring the training plan
  • Internal and external employee training

Process quality
By observing and analyzing the internal processes, we achieve an optimization of the processes.
This is done by:

  • Internal audits
  • Corrections of the processes
  • Preventive measures

Business goal
Our goal must be to succeed in national and international competition under all operating magnitudes, to generate revenue growth and to make a profit.

This means in detail:

  • Establishment and maintenance of a satisfied customer base,
  • error-free work,
  • motivated and innovative employees,
  • Improvement of the QM system.


Download: Certificate IATF 16949:2016
Download: UL- Certificate of Compliance