Our products

Product 1 Insertmolding

Material:PPE/HIPS blend with 30% glass fibers
Flammability rating:UL 94 HB
Sprue:Cold runner
Special feature:Metal inserts overmolding (inner ring), max. permissible weight difference of the components is 0,002g, high concentricity after mounting the outer ring 
Type:Electronics precision support

Product 2 Insertmolding

Material:PEI polyetherimide
Flammability rating:    UL 94 V0
Sprue:Cold runner
Special feature:Metal inserts overmolding
Type:FOC housing

Product 3 Insertmolding

Material:PP M20 mineral-filled / TPE 40 Shore A
Sprue:Cold runner
Spacial features:                       Metal insert molding, cable overmolding and sprayed soft component
Type:Water-proof streetlight connector

Product 4 Insertmolding

Material:Altech PA6.6 GF 35
Flammability rating:    UL 94 HB
Sprue:Cold runner
Special feature:Three metal inserts are overmolded
Type:BNC connector


Product 5 Insertmolding

Flammability rating:    UL 94 HB
Sprue:Cold runner
Special feature:Metal insert molding
Type:Medical engineering palletizing system