HÖRL – where competence is perceptible

Everything hinges on the tool – for this very reason we manufacture our precision tools ourselves.

All our work is designed to highest precision and automation. We have created a fully air-conditioned environment in which we manufacture our components completely digitally (CAM & paperless) on state-of-the-art machines and subsequently assemble them to highly complex injection molds.

Our specialty are multi-cavity tools (up to 48-fold in complex geometries with corresponding slides) where we bring in our know-how. In order to realize all this it is necessary

  • to work in fully air-conditioned premises
  • to consistently realize tolerances of +/- 0.005 mm
  • to work completely digitally (zero-defect production)
  • to manufacture only in hard materials (powder steels) from the beginning
  • to use runner systems adapted to the respective process
  • to involve employees with best qualifications in the entire process

Right from the start we do our utmost to live up to our customers' expectations in terms of tool precision and durability. 

Machine                                                                    Manufacturer                                               Designation
MillingHermleC 600 U
 HermleC 600 V
 GF MikronHSM200U LP
 GF MikronMILL S400U + Erowa Robot compact
 MakinoV33i-5XB + Erowa Robot compact
 MakinoV 22 + Erowa Robot/Easy Hand ITS 50
 YASDAYMC 430 + Erowa Robot compact
RotateWeiler51517 - CLP 46
Die-sinking EDMExeron312
 Exeron313 MF 10
 ExeronDE 18 - C
 MakinoEDAF3 + Erowa Robot compact
Wire cuttingMitsubishiFA 10 P
 MitsubishiFA 10 P
 MitsubishiFA 10 VS
 MitsubishiFA 20 S
 MitsubishiNA 1200
 MitsubishiNA 1200
 MitsubishiNA 1200
 MitsubishiNA 1200
 MitsubishiMP 1200
Start-hole drillingHeunAPOS 600
 Agie CharmillesDRILL300
GrindingAMADAMeister G3
 G+HFS 640 SC
 JungJF 520
 JungJF 400
 JungHF 50
Laser weldingAlphaALW - V 100
 AlphaALS - V 200
Laser labelACSYSBarracuda Multi FL20S
Spotting pressMillutensilBV28E-RG
Injection molding machines Arburg1x Allrounder270C
 6x Allrounder270S
 1x Allrounder320C
 12x Allrounder370A
 10x Allrounder470A
 1x Allrounder470E
 8x Allrounder520A
 10x Allrounder570A
 3x Allrounder720A
Injection molding machines Ferromatik1x Electra30
 14x Electra75
 4x Electra110
 3x Electra110L
Injection molding machines Sumitomo Demag3x System25
 3x Extra35
 2x System35
 6x System35
 2x IntElect80
Measuring equipment for quality assuranceZeiss ComputertomographMetronom 800
 KeyenceIM 6225
 2x MessmikroskopeMM1 300
 1x MessmikroskopeMM1 300 CNC
 Zug-Druck PrüfgerätFA. Tira
 WasserbestimmungsgerätBerghof easy H20
 DSC Messgerät NetzschDSC 214 Polyma